Breaking Through the Blocks

Photo by Aftab Uzzaman

Hopefully my post on bringing your values to life in terms of creating goals, actions and tasks inspired some of you to identify your values and decide on a focus for change in your life to bring you back to centre (or to stay centred for the future). With any goals we set we can start with the best intentions but soon after hit a block that knocks us off course. It’s at this point that we can chuck it all in and go back to the way we were (stressed or unhappy) or pick ourselves up and get back on course. My advice is to aim for gradual change over a longer period rather than pressuring yourself to change overnight e.g: I will walk for 15 minutes 2 days a week (and when this is a habit expand it). Every choice you make that positively affects your health is a step in the right direction.

In my experience the blocks that I came up against were all self-generated. They either resulted from excuses I came up with like “I’m too tired”, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time”; from not planning in advance (e.g. organising my running gear the night before and putting it at the end of my bed or packing my food, clothes and surfing gear in the car the night before so I could get up and go for an early surf before work) or from emotional attachments I had (e.g. to sugary “treats”). I had to take an honest look at why I was making choices that weren’t supporting my mental or physical health.

I soon realised that if I was the one creating these blocks I was certainly the only one who could remove them – if I truly wanted to change. I was at such a low point that change was the only option and so I had to commit to them. I became aware of my limiting belief “I’m too busy” and turned this into a positive message that would support me to make the changes I needed: “I need a calm, quiet mind and a strong energised body to sustain my work and it is my responsibility to prioritise this”. It really helped me to take responsibility for all my actions – the ones that were supporting as well as undermining my health and wellbeing.

It’s time to be courageously honest and ask yourself some questions: What blocks to change do I self generate? What excuses do I come up with to justify my current unhealthy habits? How can I change these negative excuses from “I can’t…I don’t…” to “I can….” and “I will…”?

You will make mistakes that’s just par for the course – accept and acknowledge this and get back on track.

“If we wait to make changes to our personal routine until life makes it easier for us, then it’s never going to happen.” Heidi Hannah

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