Trust Yourself to Achieve Unexpected Outcomes

trust yourself

‘…choose to see the outward forms as poor substitutions for your true nature and you’ll begin to live without attachment to those forms.’

Trust first and foremost in yourself.

Wayne Dyer

I’ve spent a long time feeling that being a teacher was not enough. It didn’t hold enough status, I didn’t earn enough money, I wasn’t outwardly successful enough in terms of possessions or salary. I was somehow not as worthy as a doctor or lawyer. No one ever said this to me directly but of course we all feel the judgements of others fairly regularly in term of comments on the hours we work, how many holidays we have and the old crack about “those who can’t do, teach”.

I was so attached to the idea that I was not living up to anybody’s expectations that it became difficult to take responsibility for anything. But I’ve come to realise what an illusion these ideas are.

Ours is a profession of honour.

Of meaning and magic.

Of heart and heroism.

A sacred vocation in which we have the power to make positive change.

We measure our worth as a teacher by how well our students are performing, how much we achieved in a lesson, by the outcomes we set out to reach. Could we shift the measure of our success to the joy and peace we (and our students) experience daily? How well we model for our students a healthy and balanced mental and psychological state? How easily we give love to our students and to ourselves? How we interact and respond to their needs and accept them as they are – without wanting to change them too much?

With so many pressures and so much accountability I think some of us have stopped trusting ourselves. We are finding it hard to hear our own inner voice.

Anything you aspire to or covet in the material world of “outward forms” will never compare to the grandeur that you’ll find inside – and this is true for our students also. Trust that you know what your students need from the wisdom of your true nature. Watch your own thoughts that might be judging or attached to certain outcomes (Why didn’t I get that finished today?……She shouldn’t be behaving that way…).

Listen to your heart.

If you can set aside some time each day to go inward you will reap the benefits and the wisdom in your heart will be easier to hear. In the world that we currently inhabit this is not an easy task. We are made to feel that what we are or do is never enough, that we are falling short in some way. But the truth is we don’t need anything else to make us whole or better. We have everything we need inside – we just have to access it by peeling back the years of conditioning that have us believe otherwise. Wouldn’t it be great to save our students from years of shedding – that they could just know this from NOW and have a sense of self that could withstand any outward forms that they encounter.

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